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Emergency Plumbing Service

When the shower is not working and water pressure is always low, it tends to be a crisis for the family. Work your way through this dilemma and give Drain Busters Rooter & Plumbing Services a call. With lines open to your calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, Drain Busters Rooter & Plumbing Services is ready to rescue you. As plumbing problems can be more complex than quantum science, the local service in Anaheim proves to be of convenience to the community. Having been established in 1999, the Drain Busters Rooter & Plumbing Services continues to be a family-owned business serving the said area in California. It provides assistance for rooter service, drain cleaning and water heater installations. Business amongst customers is highly valued, putting quality and reliability at the forefront of the company mission. Having been in the business for more than a decade, you are guaranteed professional service from Drain Busters Rooter & Plumbing Services. Peace of mind is what you get from reasonable rates that do not charge hidden excesses from after-hour services, weekend operations, or parts replacement. Leaking toilets, garbage disposal and problematic water lines are problems of the past with the services from Drain Busters. Of the highly-acclaimed services is the drain cleaning and 36-point inspection done by the company, including a visual observation of the various components as well as an operating test to all fixtures. Water heater installation is always observed and tested, whether it is a gas or electric model. Water softeners, filters and other auxiliary components are limited to the examination for leakage. Equipped with a staff knowledgeable of both modern plumbing systems and traditional installations, no bathroom or kitchen leak is too intricate for the company.

Fixing Plumbing Problems at Home

Avoid common plumbing problems from occuring by attending to small issues immediately. Here’s a list of some plumbing issues you might be encountering and tips on how to fix it on your own:

1. Ensure that your water heater down the basement is only at maximum 120°F to prevent over heating and for just the right temperature of hot water supply, it will also lower your energy consumption.

2. Basement drains can be smelly because of gases down the sewer. Your quick remedy is to pour water at least once a day to get rid of the problem.

3. Prevent costly repairs of your septic tank by having them checked and pumped by a qualified septic tank servicer once every three years.

4. Instead of pouring grease down your drain, throw it in the trash. This will prevent blockage from occuring.

5. Before using your garbage disposal, run or pour some water in it to flush the waste and prevent blockage. You can also put some detergent while water is running to get rid of the stinky smell.

6. Put strainer on your bathroom drain to filter solid particles and prevent blockage. Make sure to clean the strainer daily.

7. Inspect your drains and gutters outdoors and remove any debris daily to prevent blockage in vent pipes.

These are just some helpful and basic things you can do on your own to prevent costly repairs. If the problem is beyond your scope, then it’s time to consult a professional like Drain Busters Rooter & Plumbing Services.

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What To Ask The Plumber

Are you up to hiring a plumber? Much like what you require from your contractors, it is a must that you understand exactly what they can do for you to understand what you pay them for. Getting to know them and asking them questions about what you don’t understand should help you gain insight on proper plumbing. On the practical side of things, asking questions could mean learning more about what you should expect when they’re done with the job.

Here are some of the many questions you should not forget to ask your plumber:

Are you a licensed plumber?

This should be the first question to ask and the answer will change everything else. If they tell you that they are, then you can simply move on to the next questions. However, if they tell you otherwise, do not entertain the thought of hiring them. Even though they’re offering the services for a lower rate, don’t risk it, because it is not worth it.

How much will it cost?
Don’t hesitate to ask for an estimate. Those plumbers who do not give you a detailed job estimate do not mean well. Always settle for someone who will be open to share with you every detail of the job and its cost. They are the ones who understand that you are controlled by a budget you simply could not ignore.

Do you charge hourly or do you have a flat rate?
How much you pay them should depend on how much work they could do for you. Understanding the benefits that come with an hourly charge and the flat rate can truly help you save up a lot on cost. Their charges should be reasonable too — at least it should be something you can afford.

While picking the perfect plumber to hire can be a bit of a daunting task, asking them these questions will leave you feeling like you know exactly how they can be of help.

Why A Professional Plumber Is Worth It

If you think you can do your own plumbing and repair, you might want to think twice about trying. Instead of saving money, you might end up spending more than you should. Plumbing repairs should only be attempted by a trained professional. Because the system can be very complex, not to mention hidden behind walls or underground, it is important that only a professional would look at it, repair it and have it working again.

Professional plumbing services may seem incredibly expensive in the beginning but when you take a good look at the services they are able to provide, you won’t regret a dollar you pay them. For efficiency and better services, hiring a professional plumber is always the better way to go. Here are more reasons why hiring them is always so much better:

  • Professional plumbers have the skills set needed to make sound assessments on the plumbing problem that you might have. Whether it is a leak or a broken pipe all together, they can get the thing fixed in the quickest possible time. When you want something fixed fast, investing in a professional plumber would be the only way to go.
  • Experienced plumbers know that a clogged drain is not just about something that is stuck. Sometimes the problem could be worse than you think. Hiring a professional will ensure that the assessment done is correct and factual. Apart from that, they could also tell what could have caused the problem so that you can prevent it from happening again.
  • Professional plumbers know each and every part needed in the plumbing system of a house or a building. From what time to which part needs repair or replacement; thus, if one part is unavailable, they can give you options that you can use.

There’s definitely a plus when you decide to hire a professional, licensed plumber. You will get quality service and great value for your money. Don’t think twice. You know that a professional plumber is worth it.