Fixing Plumbing Problems at Home

Avoid common plumbing problems from occuring by attending to small issues immediately. Here’s a list of some plumbing issues you might be encountering and tips on how to fix it on your own:

1. Ensure that your water heater down the basement is only at maximum 120°F to prevent over heating and for just the right temperature of hot water supply, it will also lower your energy consumption.

2. Basement drains can be smelly because of gases down the sewer. Your quick remedy is to pour water at least once a day to get rid of the problem.

3. Prevent costly repairs of your septic tank by having them checked and pumped by a qualified septic tank servicer once every three years.

4. Instead of pouring grease down your drain, throw it in the trash. This will prevent blockage from occuring.

5. Before using your garbage disposal, run or pour some water in it to flush the waste and prevent blockage. You can also put some detergent while water is running to get rid of the stinky smell.

6. Put strainer on your bathroom drain to filter solid particles and prevent blockage. Make sure to clean the strainer daily.

7. Inspect your drains and gutters outdoors and remove any debris daily to prevent blockage in vent pipes.

These are just some helpful and basic things you can do on your own to prevent costly repairs. If the problem is beyond your scope, then it’s time to consult a professional like Drain Busters Rooter & Plumbing Services.

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